Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bitcoin ECO?

Bitcoin is an environmental digital cryptocurrencies.According to energy consumption index of Bitcoin, the power consumption of Bitcoin mined is about 29.05TWh yearly, which is equivalent to 0.13% of the whole world power consumption.

What is the purpose of Bitcoin ECO?

The goal of Bitcoin Eco is to build a perfect ecosystem. We committed to cost energy in the lowest consumption to reach the consensus. We together with our partners decide to develop consistently and create a better world for the whole human being.

What is the total amount for Bitcoin ECO (BEC)?

BEC total volume is 210 billion. BEC amount is 1000 times than Bitcoin amount. At present, the ratio of Bitcoin and BEC is 1:10000.

What problems do Bitcoin ECO attempt to solve?

With the rapid development of Bitcoin, some existing mechanism can't satisfy the users' needs.And costly transaction expenses and confirmation slow down, which is a concern of users.

How can I get Bitcoin ECO?

While Bitcoin block height is up to 500,000, all the Bitcoin owners will get corresponding Bitcoin ECO at the ratio of 1:10000.

What wallet should I keep my BTC in to make sure I get my free BEC?

Theoretically, any safety Bitcoin money wallet can deposit BEC before the expected block height. We suggest you choose the wallet we recommended because we will have a guide strategy to teach you how to withdraw your BEC from popular wallets.

How do I mine Bitcoin ECO?

You could use complete client service to mine BEC, or you can choose one mine pool. Some of our cooperation mine authority will be bounded on our website, Meanwhile, we also invite you to pay attention to our blog to gain technology help and suggestions.

How can I sell my Bitcoin ECO(BEC)?

You can trade your BEC on exchanges which support BEC trading, or you can visit some OTC platforms to help trade BEC if you know the risk.